Monday, January 10, 2011


well my dears, 
i am happy to tell you that this first day of classes was not nearly as bad as expected. waking up was difficult, but i think i'm going to LOVE my family law class and legal professions is taught by one of my favorite professors.  i  finished up my pro bono assignment i've been working on (not happy for it to be finished, but with my help, hopefully my client's wife will be able to come to the US from Kenya), i actually went to the gym and burned some cals, and THEN my lovely sweet friend S surprised me by bringing over Charade (the 1963 audrey hepburn movie), cheese, fruit and champagne!! have you heard of Charade? it was recommended to me by another friend, and i'm so glad i finally got to see it! it is such a treat. i definitely recommend! then i took some photos of some icicles that were forming on my apartment building. now, i think i'm going to go to sleep like a baby, because, let's face it...this was one of the most productive days i've had in a million days.

i'm not as sad to say goodbye to my holiday vacation as i thought i'd be! what a great start to the semester!

these are some adorable photos from an email that was sent to my mom. the photographer takes pics of her sleeping baby-but not before setting the scene. how cute is this??

sweet dreams! xoxox


  1. i've seen those baby pics before and they are so adorable. i have no idea how that baby can sleep so soundly. olivia would wake up if i tried to create a scene around her while she slept.
    good luck this semester! tay loved his fam law class:)

  2. haha, i'm sure I would wake up as well! still, i love the idea!

    hope YOU have a good semester too!! it was SO nice to see you when you were in town. miss you already!

  3. Oh SUCH cute pics!! They just made me smile.