Wednesday, January 12, 2011

out on a limb.

I felt like a fool. I had gone so far out on a limb with my feelings that I didn't realize I was standing out there alone. When life gets this confusing, sometimes there's only one thing to do, attend a fabulous party.
-Carrie Bradshaw

do you ever feel like you are truly out on a limb with your feelings? it's a scary thing to tell someone how you feel. there is that small comma in time where you wait to hear the response. time slows down. anticipation rises. will it be a response that makes you smile from ear to ear? one that makes you feel like a tragic fool? or worse, one that you can't trust-one that causes you to doubt yourself or how to act?

i'm going out tonight with the girls for dinner at settebello. it's a pizzeria downtown. i've never been, but i've heard great things. stay posted for my critique. i'm definitely in the mood for a juicy slice of pizza, and i can't wait to see the girls. it's been since the christmas party since i've seen everyone!

laughter around every corner. embraces, clinking of glasses. a spill here and there. juicy gossip about so and so. noises escalating. piles and piles of love and affection. the trust you only feel with people who really know you. the vulnerability. an openness to flaws and imperfections. perhaps some innocent judgment? sweetness at the sound of a compliment. enthusiasm-claps even, with every promotion, baby, new home, wedding or first kiss. perhaps some mild envy? singing out of tune. pretty curls and red lipstick stains on wine glasses. sweet perfume, high heels in the winter. touch. squeals. history. familiarity. may it last forever.

check out: i am waiting, by the rolling stones (and a clip from rushmore).

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