Sunday, January 2, 2011

the good things in life.

1. falling asleep to the sound of wind and rain.

2. waking up to fresh snow on the ground on a sunday when you have no place to go.

3. staying in your pajamas and watching movies in bed all day.

4. finding a $5 bill in your old purse from last spring.

5. noticing something you never have before.

6. being noticed for your well thought-out outfit. 

7. gripping onto someone's arm in a scary movie.

8. burying your face in laundry straight out of the dryer.

9. long talks with your best friend over tea.

10. when someone compliments you on your new haircut.

11. finally seeing clarity in a situation that you've felt lost about.

12. when someone confides in you.

13. microwaved string cheese.

14. going to the store to pick up something you've been eying to find it on sale. 

15. waking up to the person you love and kissing them good morning.

16. being brave enough to make that really scary decision.

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