Monday, January 24, 2011

little miss granger.

happy monday friends!! how was everyone's weekend?
mine was just swell. i was able to catch up with friends and finish my reading for class today.
and, today the carpenter is at the house fixing holes in my walls from all of the water damage. i really should have taken a before and after photo. but to be honest, it's not really something i care to remember. i'm quite excited to have my house back in a comfortable living condition again., here are some cute gems from around the web for you to enjoy!
i'd love to make a fire & read a book in this corner. wouldn't you??
i taught a ballet class last thursday, so naturally, tutus have been on my mind.
and now...(drumroll please) for your weekly collection....the one, the only....emma watson!!! (simply because i think she is SO. FREAKIN. CUTE.-and dare i say: whimsical???)

finally, check out this fabulous new website. wonderful little girly things.

that is all. xxoo.

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  1. Hi! So i just was perusing a few blogs and stumbled upon yours! We have very similar interests!

    I am now a follower! My blog is if you would like to follow back. It is very music oriented with a touch of lifestyle and my running adventures. Also, you teach ballet? I grew up dancing! :)