Thursday, September 1, 2011

smells like september.

today is the first utes game of the year. 
i love football season. which is weird, because i always get bored at the games.
i just don't have the attention span, and i never understand what is going on.
but i love football season. because it reminds me that fall is just around the corner.
and that means cute layered clothes, boots, and colorful leaves.
don't get me wrong, i love summer. 
it's arguably my favorite season.
but there comes a time when i get sick and tired stepping outside and being covered in sweat.
i also really love living near the university.
there is such excitement and spirit all around me.
all of my friends are dressed head to toe in red. 
and i can hear the cheering fans if i open my windows.

go utes!!

let loose layer cardigan by tulle
rhythm of love striped sweater
jcrew minnie pant
scarlet cut out flats

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