Thursday, August 18, 2011

celebrate thievery.

inspiration: i'm inspired by scenic spaces, sun glistening off of the water, dinner parties, friendly people, store front windows, C's ever evolving interest in all things nature/cooking/science, my work, flickr albums, anthropologie catalogs, cobblestone streets and the food network.

and you?


no biggie.


travel destinations.

can you even imagine how incredible this would be?? 

simply too cool.

here is another amazing getaway.


Monday, August 15, 2011

dreaming about....

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park

and people wonder why i want to move to brooklyn...HA! (images found on hither and thither)


Friday, August 12, 2011

space station.

last sunday, C and i took the dog for a midnight stroll around his neighborhood. we were looking at how beautiful the moon looked with the clouds mysteriously hanging about, when we got to talking about the space station. ever wonder what the interior of the space station looks like? well, i did. so...for your information and my curiosity:
in my opinion, they should really consider some wall decor, some throw pillows and perhaps a nice rug. what do you think?

imganinary outfit.

even *cleveland
are you as IN LOVE with this imaginary outfit as i am?? talk about drool-worthy! (i especially love the leopard print glasses. oh, and the beautiful ring too!) i recommend you heading over to even*cleveland to check out her other outfits.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

okay, okay.

i am in a lull at work today, so...blogging is what i've decided to do. and here are some more images from rose & crown. loving loving loving the photography on her site. (yes, so much i had to say it 3 times!)


latest inspiration.

here are some blogs i've stumbled on lately and that i absolutely ADORE! what do you think? (they all make me want to be a better blogger...)


i've been away.

sorry i've been away so long. the truth is, i've been BUSY! i started my new job, and LOVE it (even though no one likes to hear about it because it is pretty depressing and disturbing). when i'm not working, i've been sleeping (i've been doing a lot of that), or drinking wine and watching tv with C. tonight we're going to a red butte concert to see & special sauce. i can't wait! and this weekend we're taking a little trip to st. george. i've never been, but i hear good things. we'll be celebrating a friend's birthday, so it should be fun no matter what. anyway, i promise to try and be better about updating this thing. (i'm sure i'll get back in the swing of things when school starts). in the meantime, enjoy this pretty picture i found on destined to design.