Thursday, June 30, 2011

something you've always wanted.

happy thursday lovelies!

what is something you've always wanted to do? for me, i've always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride. it just looks so peaceful and you could see the world in a way very few have seen it. you know what i mean?

jesse kumm

tonight is my last night in india! eek!


Monday, June 27, 2011


via pintrest found on greige design

are you drooling yet?? yeah, me too.


i could get lost.

have you heard of sharyn cairns? i could get lost on her website. i'm absolutely in awe of the images she captures. photo envy? check.

go explore it immediately!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

dad's day.

i just wanted to take a second and mention how great my step-dad is. i mean, really...he's pretty much the bees knees! here's just a few reasons why:

1.) he coaches girl's basketball.
2.) he is makes the BEST salmon...i'm drooling just thinking about it.
3.) he puts up with me and my mom's girly-ness every time i'm home for the holidays (i.e. he watches a LOT of rom-coms with us).
4.) he is always there for me, no matter what and gives great "dad advice." (you when to change my oil, and help with a leaky roof).
5.) he lets my little dog lick his face, just because she LOVES it! (especially up his nose!)
6.) he helps out in my mom's classroom when he gets off of work.
7.) he puts the wings on airplanes (how cool is that?!)
8.) he's got awesome tatoos. :)
9.) he is supportive of all of my decisions.
10.) he takes such good care of my mom.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

dont feed the models.

don't feed the models.


sound triggers.

you know how certain people have extra sensitive senses? for example, i have a friend who can detect different scents and be taken to a completely different time-a memory from long ago. well, as i was walking home from work yesterday, briskly trying to avoid any rain, i started to think about what my sensitive sense might be.

imagine if you were:

sensitive to sight: and every time that you looked at a tree you saw not only green, but layers and layers of different shades of green, and hints of blue underneath giving the green a more vibrant and vivid hue. the sky wasn't just blue, but it was like looking into a saphire gem stone, radiating a glowing light. when you looked at the person you loved, there would be something special about their skin, their hair, their eyes, where you could see past all imperfections and it was as if they were some sort of immortal being.

sensitive to smell: and when you smelled a pizza coming out of the oven you could smell each and every specific topping. not just the pizza as a pizza. you smelled the oozing cheese, the crispy pepperoni, greesy bread and peppers. or when you caught a wiff of a stranger's cologne you could tell exactly what ingredients were mixed together to make such a scent.

sensitive to taste: and when you bit into an apple, it was as if there was an explosion happening in your mouth. juicy apple juice would fill your mouth and you might literally drool if you were to open your mouth at the cracks. you could only eat your favorite food every once in awhile, for fear that this taste would overpower you and you would no longer be able to eat anything else.

sensitive to touch: and when you brushed you hand against a piece of velvet it sent tingles up your spine reminding you that you are alive. or when you hugged your best friend it was as if so much was being said through that simple hug. it was like a lifetime of love and memories were being transferred from you to her in a way that no one else could experience.

sensitive to sound: so when you were sitting in the grass, you could hear the buzz of the ants and worms busy at work below the ground's surface. you could hear your neighbor cry, and your insides yearn for your favorite song.

well, i think that i might be sensitive-but not that sensitive- to sound. there are certain things that i hear that i know that i would miss if i never heard them again.

while i was avoiding raindrops yesterday, the low hum of prayers in a distant mosque reverberated throughout the city. i love that sound and everytime i travel to this part of the world, i am luck enough to hear it on a daily basis. in the mornings and evenings, the sound is projected. i don't know what they are saying, or if they're saying anything at all. and i don't really know the significance. but there is something abou that sound that brings me a sense of comfort.

i get nostalgic when i hear a train's horn blowing in the distance as well. that is for personal reasons that only a particular someone understands, but the feeling is the same. that familiarity brings an overwhelming sense of comfort to me and reminds me that everything is going to be alright.


Monday, June 13, 2011

wouldn't this be nice?!

win a trip to paris?? yes please! check out her blog here, and then cross your fingers that i win!! (it's nice to dream...)

hope you are having an amazing monday!


Friday, June 10, 2011

the big 2-5.

oh man...i feel like it has been ages since i've posted on this blog. i've just been so busy posting on my travel blog (which i hope you've all started following as well).

so, it's the day of my birth today. i'm feeling rather nostalgic, lonely and a little bit sad even. i'm really wishing i was home. but, there is no point in dwelling on what cannot be. so, here are some other thoughts that have been rattling in this brain of mine:

i really want to see "midnight in paris." have you seen it? do you love it?

i also want to see "the tree of life," but it looks really intense...maybe a little too intense for me.
i am considering a BIG purchase: a new laptop. and i'm debating between the various macs. someone just needs to tell me which one i will fall in love with, because it is all getting very complicated.

i've been job-searching up the wazoo far i have a long list of potential places to apply. but i'm not feeling very confident about the whole situation. it's scary! i want so badly to find a job that makes me happy!

work has been SLLLOOOOWWW this week. which has given me a lot of time to look at blogs and feel inspired.

anyway, i suppose that's all for now. i'm so sorry for being such an absentee.