Friday, June 10, 2011

the big 2-5.

oh man...i feel like it has been ages since i've posted on this blog. i've just been so busy posting on my travel blog (which i hope you've all started following as well).

so, it's the day of my birth today. i'm feeling rather nostalgic, lonely and a little bit sad even. i'm really wishing i was home. but, there is no point in dwelling on what cannot be. so, here are some other thoughts that have been rattling in this brain of mine:

i really want to see "midnight in paris." have you seen it? do you love it?

i also want to see "the tree of life," but it looks really intense...maybe a little too intense for me.
i am considering a BIG purchase: a new laptop. and i'm debating between the various macs. someone just needs to tell me which one i will fall in love with, because it is all getting very complicated.

i've been job-searching up the wazoo far i have a long list of potential places to apply. but i'm not feeling very confident about the whole situation. it's scary! i want so badly to find a job that makes me happy!

work has been SLLLOOOOWWW this week. which has given me a lot of time to look at blogs and feel inspired.

anyway, i suppose that's all for now. i'm so sorry for being such an absentee.


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