Thursday, March 31, 2011

this and that.

hello dear hearts!

i woke up to birds chirping this morning. spring must have finally cracked winter's tough shell. rays of sunshine spilled onto my blankets and the breeze made my curtains dance. little dog rested her sleepy head on my neck and i happily stroked her velvet belly. it feels more like a sunday than a thursday. sundays lend themselves to lazy stretches and bed head until evening. yet, here it is. thursday. i'm laying in bed at noon...unable to do anything besides gaze at the cotton candy clouds painting the sky.


"give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather, and a little music played out of doors by someone i do not know."
john keats.
was he a man cut from my own cloth?

lace and cake
lace and cake
here are some goodies from around the web: 

paris sideways. if this doesn't make you want to jump on a plane and discover your own parisienne, then  NOTHING will!
lair and sanctuary in south bronx. i'm loving the interior of this hip stone row house. what do you think?

oh EmersonMade, you've done it again! give me THIS skirt!! it's soo cute!

love adorned. how cute are all of those army knives! i want one!

love you daily. can't resist a sentimental, romantic they still exist??


that's all for now my loves! i hope you are having a lovely thursday!


Monday, March 28, 2011

could be up north.

i swear. there is something so familiar about this photo. it could have been taken in northern michigan up at the country club on walloon. but, i bet it's not. anyway, found it on lace and cake (aka: the blog with all the goodies). surprise surprise!

hope you're having a good monday! (is it the weekend yet???)


Sunday, March 27, 2011

holi moly! that's a lot of colors!

what a fun weekend! friday was spent playing with friends, saturday was filled with yoga and the holi festival of colors, dinner and a movie, and today has just been the perfect lazy sunday before school starts again tomorrow. (so sad spring break is over!!)
here are some photos shot at the holi festival this year. it was so much fun! i am definitely going to make it a tradition!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

currently reading.

what are you reading? i just started to read cutting for stone by abraham verghese. it was recommended to me by many even though i've just started, i recommend you go out and purchase it! it takes place i n addis ababa, ethiopia which stirs up the travel bug in me. (that always happens when i read stories from afar). 

here are some photos i found by googling "ethiopia." they remind me of these cards i used to play with at my grandparent's cottage on the lake. i used to sort them and thought that the women were so pretty with their beads. but i thought their big earlobes and painted faces were just silly.
world. photos.
world. photos.

Friday, March 25, 2011

perfectly sculpted minx.

so happy lace and cake is back on the blog scene. she went missing. i went sad. then, i happened to check in today...just to see....and! gasp! i have catching up to do! hooray! here is a little taste of the lovelies that she posts (all from her tumblr):

now, off to the that i can look as skinny as that perfectly sculpted minx above in the to-die-for lingerie. (i'll take one in each color pretty-please!!)



tomorrow C, C, A & i are going to the holi festival of colors in spanish fork. i can't wait! i've been wanting to go for years, and i finally found a group that wants to go!! i need to get out of my rut and do something NEW. (otherwise, i just become a boring old toad). i love experiencing different cultural activities that are available right at my fingertips. it reminds me that i don't need to get on a plane to experience something new. (and that's good for my pocket book!) 

check out this video from last year. it looks outrageous!
time to get dirty!!


love bubble.

have you ever paid attention to the things that cause anxiety?
or are you like me, and all of a sudden the anxiety has just pitched a tent and is there for good.
i'm starting to notice the outside influences that can creep in when you least expect.
they're lingering at every corner, ready to latch on and cause a commotion in your little heart.
and then your heart feels like something is missing, not right, out of sorts.
have you ever confronted the external influence?
really, looked it in the face and said...
"where did you come from?"
"who do you think you are?"
"why do you think you can invade my love bubble?"
it's taken me a long time to realize that all that is is just an intruder. uninvited and raining on my parade.
i suppose that's why invitations were created. invitations to join your party. (i love sending invites via snail mail).
in my dream life, i would only invite the happies...disregard the baddies.
but i suppose that would just end up like sleeping beauty, and carabosse would show up and spread her nasty curse.
so, i suppose the moral of the story is just to know that the nasties are lurking.
and just try your darndest to stay in your love bubble. because. that is all that matters. really.

speaking of invitations:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

you turn my legs into spaghetti and set my heart on fire.

hello darlings! 

i'm sorry, it's been ages since my last post. i've been in the swing of spring break-which  means that i was really really busy with school right before, and now, i'm just enjoying being away from my computer. but i have so much blogging to catch up on now! 

things that have been shaking in my life lately (not a whole lot...but that's what's great about spring break-right?!):

1.) i started going to bikram yoga again. 
2.) i found a yoga studio to display and sell our photos for GPI.
3.) i've been running longer and longer distances....i'm up to 6 miles!
4.) i've been doing a lot of sleep therapy lately. zzzz....
5.) i'm absolutely dreading going back to school. :(
6.) i threw a fun dinner party for S, C, C, & T the other night. easy. so good.
7.) C & i had the yummiest thai food two nights ago.
8.) i bought my plane ticket to india!! eek!! 
9.) went to the park w/ T & C.
10.) experienced sunflower market...LOVE IT!!!!
11.) and, i've made a bucket list: 
Bucket List:
See the Eiffel Tower
Eat grapes in Tuscany
Go to a Nacho Duato performance
See Netherlands Dans Theatre in the Netherlands
Hot air balloon
Ride a scooter
Ride a bicycle through South East Asia
Take a photo of a green hill in Ireland
Live somewhere abroad for 1+ year
Get my fortune told
Learn to play the cello
Ride a horse (again)
Take a pottery class
Learn how to write calligraphy
Acquire at LEAST 30 stamps in my passport
Drink wine on a boat
Cook something with lemongrass
Be an extra in a Bollywood movie
Run a half marathon
Make a pinhole camera
Volunteer @ a soup kitchen
Become a licensed yoga instructor
Work on an organic farm

do you have a bucket list? i'd love to hear what's on your list of things to do/accomplish... maybe it will give me inspiration to add something to my own!

here are some scenes from the last little while: 

 that's all for now. 


Sunday, March 13, 2011


well ladies and gentlemen, the time has come! the global photography initiative finally has our website up and running! click here to see what we've been up to. and buy some beautiful artwork to support a great cause!

Friday, March 11, 2011

bright sunshiney day.

sleeping in till 9 a.m. 
barking dogs-annoyed i am.
sunny weather puts a smile on my face.
canceled class-am i in first place?!
a matinee movie with a friend.
i hope this weather never ends.
birthday shopping for a roommate.
and getting ready for tonight's date.
feeling pretty and all dolled up.
champagne is calling, pour another cup!

i hope that your friday is off to as good of a start as mine! have a happy weekend lovelies! 

happy bday roommate!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

happiest hour of your life.

does anyone else love thursday as much as i do? i don't know why, but i have always loved thursdays. they're anticipatory, seem to breeze by, and usually involve time with friends. how's your thursday treating you?

check out this beautiful hardware store style. i'm in love.

and have you seen nena's blog? i am dying over the photos and getting great ideas for my house. 

oh, and then there is this little beauty that i recently put on my wishlist. what are your thoughts on the new long-dress/skirt trend?
also, PLEASE check out Global Photography Initiative's new blog. (and become a follower!) i'm so very excited about it. the project is gaining more and more momentum... we just hired a new board member, elsa, who is going to whip our finances into shape. we've finally gotten our 501c3 status. concerts and galleries are being's all very exciting!

oh, and for those of you who were curious about what my plans are for this summer...i'm excited to say that things have been finalized! i'll be spending the first half of my summer in southern india working for a corporate law firm, and the second half of the summer (and the following school year) i'll be back in salt lake city working for the attorney general's office in their children's justice division! yippee!! i'm very very happy! are some little whimsies: 

“Someday, somewhere - anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”
 ~Pablo Neruda

xxoo loves.


Monday, March 7, 2011

happy monday.

how are you sweethearts?? did you have a lovely weekend? 

mine was just superb! friday i just studied for my exam. saturday i took my exam (and feel like i  bombed it...sigh) then i had a cocktail and went to see the illusionist with S. (by the way, i was not enchanted by the illusionist....who knew it was going to be so damn about a movie with a sad ending!) sunday i celebrated L's birthday at squatters-brunch and mimosas! and then went to a dinner party at M's house (yummy pesto!) and watched 127 hours. have you seen it??? if not....i absolutely recommend it! i officially think james franco should have won best actor. 

now i'm just gearing up for this week. i feel a productive week coming on.....oh! and jane eyre comes out on friday!!!!!!!!!!!! (i cannot tell you how excited i am for this....)

here is a dose of poppy for you:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

yippee skippee!

you know that job i was interviewing for? well...i got it! i'm so excited! it's my first real, paid, big girl job! too bad i can't celebrate...i'll be busy like a bee studying for this darn test on saturday. but then-it's party time. :) 

how's your week turning out? can you believe it's already thursday? i feel like time is spinning out of control. before you know it, it will be summer time (which sounds amazing, as i listen to this hail storm outside my window). i can't to feel the sun beating down on my back.  

but for now, it's better to think about being cozy in sweats with a cup of tea. speaking of cozy...i love these beds, in their little nooks. wouldn't it be whimsical to have a curtain to close when it was time to shut out the lights and snuggle with your honey pie?
time to study!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hold on.

Photo found on 100 Layer Cake

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn