Sunday, March 27, 2011

holi moly! that's a lot of colors!

what a fun weekend! friday was spent playing with friends, saturday was filled with yoga and the holi festival of colors, dinner and a movie, and today has just been the perfect lazy sunday before school starts again tomorrow. (so sad spring break is over!!)
here are some photos shot at the holi festival this year. it was so much fun! i am definitely going to make it a tradition!


  1. thanks for posting!
    i've missed you.
    your bucket list is so exotic and fantastical i love your adventurous spirit.
    i also want to take a pottery class. i think it would be so soothing and meditative to play with clay like that.
    love you so much my dear.
    i need to hear your voice soon.
    if you want to go to the west coast this summer, come visit tay and me. we will be in orange county.

  2. What kind of music was there? It looks like fun and totally something that should happen in the Seattle area.