Friday, March 25, 2011

love bubble.

have you ever paid attention to the things that cause anxiety?
or are you like me, and all of a sudden the anxiety has just pitched a tent and is there for good.
i'm starting to notice the outside influences that can creep in when you least expect.
they're lingering at every corner, ready to latch on and cause a commotion in your little heart.
and then your heart feels like something is missing, not right, out of sorts.
have you ever confronted the external influence?
really, looked it in the face and said...
"where did you come from?"
"who do you think you are?"
"why do you think you can invade my love bubble?"
it's taken me a long time to realize that all that is is just an intruder. uninvited and raining on my parade.
i suppose that's why invitations were created. invitations to join your party. (i love sending invites via snail mail).
in my dream life, i would only invite the happies...disregard the baddies.
but i suppose that would just end up like sleeping beauty, and carabosse would show up and spread her nasty curse.
so, i suppose the moral of the story is just to know that the nasties are lurking.
and just try your darndest to stay in your love bubble. because. that is all that matters. really.

speaking of invitations:

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