Monday, March 7, 2011

happy monday.

how are you sweethearts?? did you have a lovely weekend? 

mine was just superb! friday i just studied for my exam. saturday i took my exam (and feel like i  bombed it...sigh) then i had a cocktail and went to see the illusionist with S. (by the way, i was not enchanted by the illusionist....who knew it was going to be so damn about a movie with a sad ending!) sunday i celebrated L's birthday at squatters-brunch and mimosas! and then went to a dinner party at M's house (yummy pesto!) and watched 127 hours. have you seen it??? if not....i absolutely recommend it! i officially think james franco should have won best actor. 

now i'm just gearing up for this week. i feel a productive week coming on.....oh! and jane eyre comes out on friday!!!!!!!!!!!! (i cannot tell you how excited i am for this....)

here is a dose of poppy for you:


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