Tuesday, March 1, 2011

did you catch the fever?

the oscar fever that is...i just LOVE the oscars, and this year i got to enjoy a fun oscar party with C and family. so fun! 

here are my favorite looks...

mila kunis looking ethereal.
gwenyth can wear just about anything. this is no exception.
age appropriate! what a lady!
also age appropriate, flattering and stunning accessories.
hilary swank, rocking the silver gown.
and my least favorite...

looks like a bird just pooed on her back.
fishnet+fur vest+leotard=not classy.
not so flattering.
lizard woman.
what were your thoughts?? don't you just love the oscars? i was so happy that natalie portman and colin firth won...but disappointed about the king's speech taking home the big cheese. simply because it was a long movie for a little point...and it seemed like just another period piece. nothing new, nothing novel. that's not to say the acting wasn't phenomenal....it truly was.

more to come later! hope you're having a lovely week so far!


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