Wednesday, January 5, 2011

collections and inspirations.

hello dears! how is your wednesday treating you?
i'm falling in love with a new blog: Design Sponge. it all started with these photos...
could you die for this little set up?? i love. design sponge is a super inspiring blog that gets my creative juices flowing. here is a new years resolution for myself: be crafty on a regular basis. (like, once a week maybe) i'm telling you dear readers, when i first started blogging i was using it as a procrastination from studying (to be honest), but the more i blog, the better i feel. it feels good to be creating something that is my own. it's sort of like journaling, but less about my boy crush and more about the things that enthuse me.
today i was brushing my teeth at an odd hour (5:00 pm) and the light reflecting from the window off of my mirror was a beautiful shade of blood orange. time for a photo shoot on my fire-escape. (i'll post photos soon)

i love having my camera. i'm making a point to carry it with me everywhere-because you never know when you're going to want to take a snap. what are some things that you couldn't live without? as in, objects-not people or animals. for me i'd say: 1.) my laptop, 2.) my camera, and 3.) a curling iron.
i really enjoy two things while blogging: 1.) lowercase letters and 2.) centered paragraphs.  i just feel like lowercase letters are much cuter than uppercase, and centering paragraphs just gives the blog a sense of....what's the word....stability. ha! isn't that just the silliest thing you've ever heard?
since my water pipe burst, i've sadly been stuck inside all day for the past 3 days waiting around for disaster clean up crews to come by and, well, clean up. i am feeling restless. i'm going to come up with a game plan for then next couple days while i am again, forced to stay inside (i'm trying to save money too, so staying inside is actually probably helpful) perhaps with a game plan i won't go crazy.
1.) catch up on movies i've been meaning to view like: an education
2.) sleep in, because school is just around to corner (monday! ack!)
3.) apply for summer internships on the east coast
4.) send thank you letters for my christmas gifts
5.) go for a walk and take photos (i know that's outside, but....fresh air!)
yesterday morning i went to breakfast with my dear friend M who is in town for the holidays. breakfast has sort of become our thing. we ate at blue plate diner on 21st and 21st. she's not particularly familiar with downtown salt lake city, so i always like to introduce her to new, cute breakfast joints. and blue plate is a SLC staple and what makes it really special is the atmosphere. i love the postcards hanging like wet laundry, and the rusty, vintage bicycles that stand in line like school children. (maybe i'll snap some of my own photos there one of these days) 
 one of my favorite things about getting together with M is that i always come away feeling warm and cozy inside. i love the life she's living and she has always maintained such a positive attitude. she lives in iowa now with her sweet hubby while he goes to law school. she has a new baby, who is, simply put, the sweetest little princess. she dances in a modern company and teaches yoga. and i've always loved the way she can combine words like a bouquet of flowers. she also has a deep faith in god, which is where we differ, as i am more of a question mark when it comes to religion. but it's always nice to talk with her, because she usually brings up faith (this time when referring to her pregnancy) and that always reminds me to get a jump start in my own search for faith.
here is a little ditty i stumbled on by warpaint, an all-girl quartet from is my favorite of the hour. have you been listening to any new tunes that i should be aware of, love?

also, michael over at The Flashdance makes playlists. he comes up with new ones every month that you can download and listen to for free. check it out and let me know what you think!
finally, i think i'm going to start blogging some collections i've come up with. here is a collection i've come up with of work spaces. what is on your desk right now?

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  1. the thing i love about getting together with K is that she inspires me to go and do wonderful things. i love her heart and her creativity. she is such a loyal friend which makes me feel safe and loved. she sees people and the world through beautiful eyes.

    love you friend:)