Thursday, January 20, 2011

neon sunsets.

pandora has seriously been treating my ears well as of late. check out these tunes: 

expression, by: helen jane long
older chests, by: damien rice
blue mind, by: alexi murdoch
cosmic love, by: florence & the machine

i would never want to live in north salt lake, but that being said, i think they have some of the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen. i was driving out to kaysville today to teach a ballet class, and i was just transfixed by the colors in the sky. i'm so sad i didn't have my camera, or i would have pulled over then and there and taken some photos. i think i may do a little photoshoot out there this weekend-weather permitting. 

the sunset inspired these photos of the moon that followed (and other nighttime photos...taken with my new tripod!):
would you believe it if i told you that is the floor of my garage?
the moon through a window.
it's a moon sandwich!
lights on.

speaking of photoshoots, things are moving right along with my new photo project. i'm quite excited...4 models set up so far. i'm a little nervous, but i can't wait to see the finished product.

here is a random question for you: are you more of a gold or silver kind of person? i can't really decide for myself. i think most of the jewelry i wear is gold...well, no silver...well....i guess i just wear a lot of faux-pearls. one thing i do not believe in: mixing gold and silver jewelry. so there.

some random thoughts:
what is it that defines a person? my friend S and i were talking about this the other day...i mean, what is in that imaginary bag over your shoulder that makes you walk one way and not the other? here are some things in my bag:
dance (can you believe it is on the top of my list again?), photography (even though it is a slow learning process), travel and adventure, passion for international human rights, love to hang out with kids, interior design, fashion, blogging, playing around with cooking (another slow learning process-and one that happens only when i'm in the right mood), the cinema, going to the ballet, late nights with friends...

my friend S was saying she doesn't have anything in her bag except school. i beg to differ. she carries:
a thirst for the outdoors, skiing (and she's damn good at it too!), soccer, analytical chats over wine, keen interest in politics and the news, reading, creating her own style, laughter, great friends, wit...and probably a million other things i'm forgetting-or are just personal to her.

what's in YOUR bag? is it the fuller the bag, the fuller the life that carries it? i know i might topple over if i have too much in my bag...but i certainly don't want it to get empty. that's why i think it's so important for me to focus on all of the things that make up ME. otherwise, i'll wallow in the stress that is school...just not worth it. in my humble opinion.

oh! and i saw true grit last night. it was really, really good. a really tender story. (that is a lot of reallys) i really recommend it! 

okay...nighty night! xxoo.


  1. Oh, and it is so funny you talked about a bag... Later that very same night after that conversation i found an article (Oprah. Are we surprised?) about your "plate" and how the contemporary life experience is all about filling your plate and putting as many things as possible on your plate and comparing the fullness of your plate to others. The article went on to challenge the reader to get in better touch with her "plate," as in getting in touch with who you are at your deepest core, when you take your career and your family and your hobbies, etc. all off of your plate and to learn to appreciate just that basic soul. I like it. I'm going to get to know my bag/plate a bit better AND to learn to better define what it contains.