Monday, January 31, 2011

tuesday's tunes, part quatro...etc.

can you believe that it is already february (the most romantic month of the year!!)? my how time flies! i'm already in the fourth week of my second semester of my second year of law school. can you believe it? 

what are your plans for valentines day? i think i want to throw a party for all of my close friends. pretty pink cut out hearts, champagne cocktails, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, perhaps a sappy rom com. (please will not be jessica biel style).

anyway, we'll see if i can pull it off. it's looking to be a very busy and hectic semester already. i don't want to put too many cupcakes on my plate if you know what i mean. (okay...that was cheesy...)


so, without further ado, i present to you....tuesday's tunes:

ray lamontagne, let it be me

vivian girls, i heard you say


His skin was a milky hue and the softest she’d ever felt. His hair curled at the ends but only if it was just a little bit too long. She yearned to place her hand in his and fold her tiny body into the blanket that was him. She yearned to stay up late and speak of nothings and somethings and to look up into his olive eyes and feel the warmth of his heart. And she deeply enjoyed day dreaming their life together forever. 


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