Sunday, January 9, 2011

i wish i could stay in this perfect moment forever.

sweet peas! how was your weekend? have you been gearing up for monday like me? as most of you know, i'm a student, so i've always thought of my life in terms of semesters. i can't help it. but monday, for me, is the official start to the new year, with the first day of spring semester 2011! so, even though it seems a little late in the game for this, i want you to know that i'm planning on some exciting things for this coming year....
  • i've decided to start a new photography project which i'm really looking forward to. look for progress updates and the finished product.
  • i will be planning another overseas india for two months! i'm so pumped for the adventure-although a little nervous to be going all alone. 
  •  i'm planning on pampering myself with a health makeover this year. this isn't one of those new years resolutions where i want to work out every day and lose X amount of pounds for swimsuit season. rather, it's focused more generally. so yes, exercise. but also trying to cook more often. eat fresh food. make sure to get enough sleep. stop spending so much time in front of the television. find an outlet for my anxieties. continue blogging and taking photos. be a better friend. etc.
  • the organization i helped develop this summer, (the Global Photography Initiative), is finally ready to start selling photos! we're raising money to build a community center which would provide tutors and a health clinic for a slum community in kathmandu, nepal. last summer we documented their daily lives and created lasting friendships, and we hope to return to nepal to fulfill our promises. i'll be posting more information soon so that you can get involved, buy photos, and/or donate to an amazing cause!
so, there you have it. what are some of the things you are looking forward to this year?
here are some little inspirations that i've found on the web as of late...enjoy!

one perfect home (i love the use of mint throughout the house...the color pops up in the most unexpected places!):

have a great week! stop by again real soon!!

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