Monday, January 3, 2011

water, water, everywhere.

this morning at 5:30 i was woken up by the doorbell. my neighbors were alerting me to the massive amounts of water pouring out of the walls of my condo. perfect. i walked into the living room (bare feet) and it was like stepping on a wet sponge. roommate and i spent an hour scooping up water in the flood-zone. we filled up 10 large bowls and 8 or 9 large cups of water. needless to say, i've had better mornings-better days. 

i'm so thankful that i didn't start school today and that i have the entire week to deal with this mess. i'm also so thankful that we don't have to replace carpet. (just have to deal with obnoxiously loud fans for 3-5 days. please be less!!) and i'm also so thankful to have renters insurance. if you don't have it-get some...especially if you live in an old building like me.

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