Thursday, January 20, 2011

some girls wander by mistake. others wander on purpose.

hello sweet peas! i am so sorry, i've been neglecting you for the past couple days. i have been lost in my own little world...not really focused for some reason. but....i have some sweet new things for you to check out!

this last weekend i was a movie queen! (as in, i've watched a lot of movies-not starred in them). for example:

1.) i am love: i give it a half thumb up. it's a little slow and not my favorite storyline, but it had a few gem moments. it's a layered love affair with food where every bite is smothered in contradictions, lies and betrayal.  the highlights included, a.) the spotlight on the unnoticed things in life-the flap of a curtain, the flip of a page, a handful of lavender... and b.) the sex scene. i don't mean to sound...vulgar. but really-it was  beautiful.  the contrast of tenderness encompassed by raw was just...pretty.

2.) paris j'taime: i give it two thumbs and two toes up.  it was an unexpected delight. tiny moments of love stories that will make you laugh and cry. seriously, if you haven't seen it yet-go check it out.

next, i want to check out this: 

3.) the king's speech: two thumbs up. i love love love the acting...colin firth was brilliant. it seemed a little long, and wasn't about much more than the king's speech...but i suppose that is to be expected. 

also, last saturday i went to see spring awakening! i was awfully surprised that they brought it to utah, as the content is so sexual in nature. however, the audience (and i) LOVED it. the music was phenomenal. and it had so many contemporary issues...the pressures of adolescence, teen suicide, molestation, abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion...all dealt with in one incredible story, which happens to take place...back in the day sometime. if you ever get a chance to see it-GO! (it won a tony after all!)

i think that's all for now. i'll be better about keeping you updated. promise! xxoo.

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