Thursday, August 11, 2011

i've been away.

sorry i've been away so long. the truth is, i've been BUSY! i started my new job, and LOVE it (even though no one likes to hear about it because it is pretty depressing and disturbing). when i'm not working, i've been sleeping (i've been doing a lot of that), or drinking wine and watching tv with C. tonight we're going to a red butte concert to see & special sauce. i can't wait! and this weekend we're taking a little trip to st. george. i've never been, but i hear good things. we'll be celebrating a friend's birthday, so it should be fun no matter what. anyway, i promise to try and be better about updating this thing. (i'm sure i'll get back in the swing of things when school starts). in the meantime, enjoy this pretty picture i found on destined to design.

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