Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hold your breath and count to ten. Fall apart and start again.

i love london. i'm excited for the day when i get to rent a little flat in some crummy part of town (because that's all i can afford). i'd buy cheese and olives from the market. and maybe a bundle of flowers for my kitchen table on days when i feel like i need a little somethin' to brighten my day. the photos above were taken a few years ago when i was in london for a few weeks visiting friends. i fell head over heels for the cobble stone streets and the quaint neighborhoods. i didn't even mind the rain.
what is everyone doing for new years? i still don't know what my plans are-nor do i know what i'm wearing (besides my favorite gold heels of course). it will be my first new years eve going out on the town. in years past i've just hung out with my family at home, but i figured this year i'd do something different. shall it be a house party? a little getaway to gamble? a dance party downtown?

does anyone have any new years resolutions? or is that just a silly thing that we've all done away with? i know i have some thoughts on what i'd like to improve on this next year....(#1=getting in shape...real original, i know)
tonight is my last night at home in washington. i'm going out to eat at one of my favorite asian restaurants with my parents. then i head back to salt lake city tomorrow morning. it sure has been a fun trip-just what i needed to de-stress from finals. i'll post photos soon.

every time i come home for the holidays, it makes me want to move...maybe to seattle, maybe somewhere else.  like boston. or portland. or new york. or london (see above). 

i can't help it. i love salt lake city, and it truly is like a second home to me, with the most wonderful support system a girl could ask for. but damn. there are some really incredible cities out there that i just want to devour....cities with flavor and spice and sprawling skylines. if i ever DO move, here is what i'd miss the most: 

1. 9th and 9th; to be more garden and hip & humble.
2. broadway theater, the dollar theater in sugarhouse, & brewvies.
3. the view of the city from 1300 east by the U of U.
4. my cozy home, that i've lived and loved in for the past 4.5 years.
5. my best friends in the whole wide world. (i mean really-the best).

what are your favorite things in salt lake city?

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