Thursday, December 9, 2010

i have a pet. his name is bird. he is a rabbit.

i just stumbled across "i live real close to where you used to live: kids' letters to michelle obama (and malia, sasha & bo)" on mcsweeney's internet tendency. they are pretty cute-quite funny. here are some of my favorites:

Dear Michelle Obama,
I go to school at Grand View. I hate the cafeteria food. It is so disgusting. I have a pet. His name is Bird. He is a rabbit. I know it's confusing.
Jesus Ruiz, age 10
Los Angeles 

Dear Michelle Obama,
I think your husband should legalize immigration. Please put a statue of me in Echo Park. Thank you. JK. No, really. I want a tuxedo on the statue.
Andres Ortega, age 11
Los Angeles 

Dear Michelle,
You are eating 100% healthy. Can you put my dad in a job? You're doing a good job helping the homeless. I'm eating healthy. I'm eating watermelon, melon, mango, and persimmons. I just want to have $200. And you have a very nice house. All I know is one of the rooms is a speech room.
Santos Lopez, age 8
Los Angeles

i took my evidence final today. i'm so happy to have it off of my chest. now on to the next....but can i vent for a minute? why on earth do law school exams have to be so rough?? i mean really. is it necessary that a single test determines your entire grade? is it necessary that exams are 4 hours long? i just hate it. i really do. 

enough moaning and groaning.
i've been toying with the idea of doing a xmas gift guide, and have decided, WHY THE HELL NOT?!?! it goes:

here is are a few ideas for those of you on a budget (everything is under $20!!), who still love to spoil your friends and family...

for your lovely mother (these candles are incredible...they'll make the whole house smell yummy!):
capri blue candle tin from anthropologie, $12
for your sweet dad (what dad doesn't love something food-related...and homemade?! as a bonus, include a note saying you'll make dinner for the family):
homemade hot sauce from giver's log
for your little brother, who is going through one of "those" stages (he might not appreciate the collectible now, but he will later!):
barnes and noble leather bound classics $18
for your best friend who always knows the right thing to say:

golden mermaid earrings from spotted moth $12
for your sweetie pie, who really just wants to spend time with you:
date night! jazz tickets as low as $10 for upper bowl seats
for your friend the artist:
ps i made this from urban outfitters, $18.95
for your friend the sports fanatic (they have professional and college sports team gear, and the shirts are super comfy!):
sports gear at victoria's secret, $19.50
for your friend the workaholic: 
black pencil gift set from cute tape, $8
for your friend the hippie:
feather head piece by babooshka
for your roommate who is always putting up with your loud music and dirty dishes:
batik lavender sachets from anthropologie, $16
for you-because you deserve it!:
lace and bobble scarf from spotted moth, $16.99


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  1. Dear Michelle Obama,
    My name is Sara and i am in law school. i study lots and eat lots of cheese. You dress pretty, and i especially liked your dress you wore when you danced at your house. I wore a dress to the law school prom but it wasn't pretty like yours and i don't think there were pictures of me in the newspaper. I like your christmas tree. Can you get me a job decorating your christmas tree? I will also sing jingle bells and teach you about willie nelson like my teacher taught me in evidence class. Thanks, see you soon.