Saturday, December 11, 2010

where the wild things are.

“Once a little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children’s letters — sometimes very hastily — but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, “Dear Jim: I loved your card.” Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said, “Jim loved your card so much he ate it.” That to me was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received. He didn’t care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it.” -Maurice Sendak

here is something that is bloody fantastic. a party in front of your eyes.

and here is another fun music video for you. i've heard this feist song (1234) a million times, but i'd never seen the video. love it. 

and one more thing, check out this video that was posted on the blog smallestthings. if it doesn't make you want to get up off your butt, buy a plane ticket and travel to some far-off destination, then we aren't friends anymore.
if you could find out what your life would look like in 5 years, would you want to know?
 if you could find out what your crush thought about you, would you want to know?
if you could watch your favorite junk food being made, would you want to know?

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