Sunday, December 12, 2010

the thing about winter.

i haven't left my apartment ONCE this entire weekend because i've been balled up studying. i'll tell you my dear readers, i can't WAIT for this madness to be over and done with. (1 more week!!) i'm deeply sorry for the continued complaints. i was reading something the other day about a woman who made a pact with herself not to complain for an entire week. apparently, only wonderful things came of it. i believe it too. that being said....i won't be making a pact like this any time soon. i too desperately need to vent every now and then-particularly the last few weeks of each semester.

on a happier note....let's talk about winter. a season that is not my favorite, but brings with it some particularly magical things:

i enjoy staying in bed all day. no make up. hair in a messy bun. it is so much more appealing than the thought of frigid air hitting my face.

when i do venture outside, i embrace the weather because it means i get to pair cute boots with leggings and knee-high socks, a short wool skirt, a big coat and a funky scarf.
creamy tomato soup sounds really good.

candles are always lit.

there is an excuse to eat an abundance of yummies: chocolate kisses, cheese and pistachios. 
all roads lead home.

it's a time when i truly appreciate my friends and family, because winter brings the holidays, and holidays remind me of all that there is to be thankful for. i'm so lucky.
christmas commercials. (talk about good advertising! i want this perfume just because of the commercial! and i haven't even smelled it yet.) 

home alone, elf, white christmas, love actually and family man. (classics)
warm 106.5 and listening to vince guaraldi's "a charlie brown christmas" and mariah carey "merry christmas" on repeat.

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