Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tuesday's tunes

i'm not one of those "music listeners" ....which seems funny to me. but, i lost my ipod for about 7 months (just found it yesterday! yippee!), i listen to npr/bbc in my car (and don't drive very far-ever), and i often forget to turn on pandora while i get ready in the morning. but this is just silly really. silly silly excuses! music makes my life so much more enjoyable! (especially while i'm studying for these retched finals.) here are some good tunes that have been floating around my head lately...

a boogie/a song for a hangover:  

some for studying/a good slow dance with your lover:

what kind of 'bloggette' would i be if i left you without fotos? (a rotten one, no doubt!) here is a bit of whimsy for your tuesday evening:

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