Thursday, December 2, 2010

dwell in possibility.

this probably could not be stated enough in the history of the world, but, i'm going to say it anyway. audrey hepburn is magically enchanting, and a slice of perfection. every time i watch roman holiday or sabrina or breakfast at tiffany's, i just want to jump right into the television screen and become her best friend. and then, for the hour following the kiss in the rain, i like to talk like she does. every. syllable. have you noticed how she does that? it's charming. (the following photos were captured by Bob new favorite photographer).
waiting to film my fair lady.
did you know that audrey hepburn had a pet baby deer? i just found this little factoid out today. it's name was pippin and she called it "ip" for short. that might be the most tender thing i've ever heard-(and this is coming from someone who does not care for deer, generally. although, for ip, i'd make an exception.)

taking a nap with Ip
grocery shopping with Ip in Beverly Hills
hanging out with Ip in the dressing room


  1. That first photo actually looks like the dress from "My Fair Lady." That is what I always dreamed my wedding dress would be! Hmm i may have to re-think my current choice and be true to my 10-year-old wedding planning self.

  2. actually may be right....i'll have to change it! :)

    and yes, that would make a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress.