Thursday, December 2, 2010

newspaper snowflakes.

today was my last day of classes before finals. i can't believe it is already this time of year. this is the time when my heart starts pounding and the blood rushes to my face when i spill a tea at a cafe, and when i am so panicked to get to class on time that i park in bus zones only to find $30 tickets on my windshield (more welling of tears). 

so, in honor of taking good advice when it is given, i listened to a good friend who recently advised me to: try to not think about tomorrow, or what happened yesterday- and instead think about what's happening right now (minus what's stressing me out) and just take a second to appreciate life, and all the beauty around us--and even though it can make us feel small, it can also make us realize that what we are fretting over isn't that big in the "full" scheme of things, and that stressful or not, life is still full of beauty... (Thanks Alyson!!)

the beautiful things in my life (in no particular order): 

1. MY PARENTS who are so much fun, and take such good care of our family. 
2. MY LITTLE DOG, who is so loved, so well behaved and so cute! 
3. MY COZY HOME, filled with candles, big blankets, and flowers (and currently newspaper snowflakes).
4. MY ROOMMATE, who is easy-going, lets me borrow her Sex & the City DVDs, and is always willing to listen. 
5. MY DEAR FRIENDS who have stood by my side, who know how to have a good time, and constantly have faith in me (and who write me inspirational messages when they know i'm going through a rough patch...who needs religion when you have incredible friends?!?!).
6. MY NEW OBSESSION FOR DESIGN BLOGS which will get me through law school in one piece. 
7. THE NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE which is the best one yet. 
8. MY YELLOW INFINITY SCARF and MY BLUE BEADED BELT which I like to think match with every outfit. 
9. MY ADVENTURE, CREATIVITY AND INNER DELIGHT which I need to make sure I don’t lose sight of.     

what is beautiful in your life? i'd love to hear.  


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  1. kaitlyn my love!
    so good to read your beautiful thoughts!
    you are one of my delightful blessings in this life!
    you always leave me better than you found me so thank you!
    good luck on finals.
    lets get together over christmas break.