Saturday, December 11, 2010

she sips whiskey like a man.

i have this friend.

she has this layered laugh. sometimes she laughs to be polite, and sometimes she laughs because something is really really funny. and i can tell the difference. she can drink hard liquor without grimacing. i've always admired ladies who can sip on a whiskey like a man. she likes to be at home. not a home-body really. but she's one of those people who are completely content with remaining in their comfort zone. i like that about her. i mean, why fix something that isn't broken? when she opens up, you start to understand her complexities, her worries and fears. but she wouldn't open up to just anyone. and when she opens up to me, it makes me feel really special. and she's incredibly opinionated, yet passive as all hell. the combination has truly made me want to jump off of a building sometimes, but upon greater inspection, you realize that it's a whole lot better than not having an opinion in the world and  being rudely aggressive. and she has impeccable taste. she likes to wear a baseball cap and sweats to the mall (it's not like she's trying to impress anyone), and yet, she is the first person i'd go to for an opinion on a funky sweater. because she is honest. and honestly what is better than that?!

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