Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so this is love.

hello lovers!! shall i give you a slice of romance every day until february 14th? (what a novel idea, you say!) that way, no matter if you're single or coupled, i'll be your valentine! (ps. i love love love valentines day. so all of you negative nancy's, quit drinkin' your hater-ade and get on board! you get to wear pink and eat cupcakes after all!)

cupcake joints in SLC:

mini's cupcakes

so cupcake
the sweet tooth fairy

which is your fav? i think the sweet tooth fairy in foothill village gets my vote. her party confetti cupcake melts in your mouth and is just the perfect amount of sweet.


now, on a completely different note...i have tried to keep this blog relatively positive, happy, whimsical, cheery, etc. because i really don't like reading blogs that make me feel down-in-the-dumps. but i was thinking today that i really don't feel like being cheery. (besides that cute romantic pic and cupcake fest i just posted) and i don't want to give a false impression that i'm this happy-go-lucky, easy-breezy, not-a-care-in-the-world kind of gal. in fact, i've been known to be a little angsty from time to time. (gasp!) so. there you have it. 

today i am truly irked. for the past 3ish weeks i feel like i've been on the verge of a nervous breakdown and i've been doing everything in my power to just hold it together and not come across as an angry beast. first my pipes freeze, then the house floods, then my toilet breaks, then my ceiling leaks, then school is having it's way with me (in a non-romantical sense), i've started breaking out in hives(?), i locked myself out of my house yesterday, i'm having trouble sleeping, and my pipes are yet i missing anything? when it rains, it freakin' pours.

that reminds me of my favorite maxim: things always get worse before they get better. that better be f'in true. i feel like i deserve some kind of trophy after this is all over. (dear light at the end of the tunnel...are you near??)

that's all. sorry for being a beast. next post i promise not to be a grump.


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  1. sorry to hear of this big gray cloud that has been following you :( hope things are back on the up shortly. if you need a friend you know i am always here :) p.s. another great cupcake shop: Divas on 15th east and 33rd south! De-lish ;)