Tuesday, February 15, 2011

everything was grey.

  i can't decide which of these duvets i like more...they're both beautiful!!


 i LOVE the vibe for this wedding reception. how great are the upside-down umbrellas?

 cute valentine's day engagement photos....is it just me, or is EVERYONE getting engaged these days??

 peonies just make me smile. they're so beautiful in a bunch.

"She did what she wanted.  She listened to few.  She walked to the beat of her own wild drum.  She was beautiful. Passionate.  She danced carelessly. She laughed loudly. She loved genuinely.  She was irrational, moonstruck, shameless, endearing.  She was Existing. Untamed. Painfully divine. Uniquely exceptional. Potentially dangerous. And extremely desired." -unknown

 love this bedroom....it looks so cozy! it'd be the perfect guest room.

 life is short. eat cookies. love it.

 this color combination is.to.die.for. and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the headboard. don't you?!

 pretty dresses. (photo found on a paris apartment)

today has been one of those days. i really want to go to the gym to run off the wacky-feeling, but i know i should just stay home and get some school work done. there is so much on my plate these days!

did i tell you that i have a job interview on thursday? probably not...i'm not trying to get my hopes up. but i could definitely use some positive vibes sent my way. with the luck i'm having, i'll probably get a flat tire on the way there or something. (knock on wood that that doesn't happen!) but, it would be a really sweet job. so....that's that.
okay, it's time for me to be productive. but, i hope that you all had a lovely valentine's day, ate cookies, drank some champagne, and snuggled up with your sweetie pie. :)

that's all she wrote.

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  1. i will be thinking of you my dear. i hope the interview goes well. i sure do love your lovely spirit:)