Saturday, February 12, 2011

that lovin feelin'

check out jean jean vintage on etsy. i am loving these turquoise earrings!!

how's your weekend treating you? i'm so excited...tonight i'm going to go see spamalot at kingsbury hall. it should be filled with laughs. have you seen it? then, tomorrow morning i'm having brunch with the girls. yippee! it's been a minute since i've seen everyone.

check out these cute engagement shots. i found this post on green wedding shoes. (another blog fav!)

Just something so quiet
That's waiting for you
With no one to tell you where you've got to go
The first time it happens you know
The first time you see her
No magical change
No angels appearing
No dreams to arrange
Just warmer and colder that springtime or snow
The first time it happens you know
And so you fall
And how complete it is
And for each moment that it lasts
How sweet it is
The first time together
How simple, how rare
And just when you thought you'd forgot how to care
And though you feel much more than you'd dare to show
The first time it happens you know
[-The Muppets, believe it or not!]


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