Wednesday, February 9, 2011

if only you knew.

here is a cute little video for you. i hope you love it as much as i do. oh, and have you seen the new kate spade blog? check it out here! you know, i really love to shop. and i have a great appreciation for well-made things. but i've never really been much of a "designer girl." that is, until kate spade came into my life. never has a designer spoken to me more. it's like...she just knows what makes me smile!

have you decided how you're going to be celebrating valentine's day?? snuggling with your honey? movie night with friends? holed up studying and single? however you decide to spend it, i definitely recommend treating yourself to something special. ice cream treat anyone???

what else is new in the world of YOU? with all my energy going towards trying to find bits of romance to post, i've neglected all other things whimsical. do you have anything to inspire me?


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