Monday, February 6, 2012

portland and seattle.

on wednesday we are going on a little road trip to portland and seattle. i'm so excited!! (how can it only be monday??) in portland we are staying at ace hotel...which i've heard amazing things about in the blog-world. their rooms look so unique and best yet-they're doggy friendly! does anyone have any recommendations on what to do while we are there?

the purpose of the trip is to introduce winston to my parents. i can't wait to see them and see their reactions to our new addition!

i also can't wait to stroll the streets of seattle with C. we are also going to celebrate valentines day while we are there, so i'm going to take him out to some of my favorite spots (details to follow!):

can't you just imagine wandering around city streets wearing this outfit, holding your love's hand and walking two adorable dogs??? yeah, me too.

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