Saturday, February 18, 2012

my valentine.

my valentine's day was so sweet and full of love. C made me scallops wrapped in bacon, salmon skewers and home-made thai potstickers. he also got me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a new pair of sunglasses. how did i get to be so lucky, i ask you?!?! i got him those tickets to anthony bourdain in seattle and a really cool print from etsy. we ate lots, drank wine, and relaxed at home after our long road trip. perfect. i'm so in love. have i mentioned that lately??

my card to colin
the dog's card to me
colin's card to me <3
drool-worthy scallops with bacon

hope you had a good v-day, filled with cupcakes, kisses and sparkle! 


1 comment:

  1. looks like you had a wonderful evening!! those scallops look amazing...I want some right now.

    and that card from the dogs is adorable. very clever mr. gibbs...