Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a short update before i go do my hair. ha!

so, i was confronted the other day by my dearest friend who was quite disappointed that i have stopped blogging. i guess i haven't really stopped...i've just been completely pre-occupied.

as you know, C moved in, and things are going just splendidly! so much better than i would have ever imagined. i can't even describe how thankful i am for him, and how lucky i feel every day. (i know, i know...barf barf barf). but really...is it normal to still love someone so much after so long? and sure, he drives me crazy sometimes (hello...dishes!!!) but, really, i couldn't ask for more!

life is great-ESPECIALLY since getting little winston. i feel like our happy little family is complete. tiff and win get along swimmingly (...at least now, after a period of serious adjustment). winston loves to play with tiff and lick her face, and tiff obliges like a good big sister (although, he's quite a bit bigger than her now). he has the most loving personality and it surprises me how much he will put up with from tiff (stealing his toys and whatnot). it is as though he is never sad or upset. which rubs off on all of us. 
and the job hunt is still going strong. it is a completely draining process and i feel like i'm having panic attacks every other day, but i just have to keep reminding myself that something will work out. i've decided that i will either take the washington, utah or illinois bar. if i rock my final interview for the job in chicago and they give me an offer, i will jump at the opportunity. but, if that doesn't work out (which is highly likely since it is kind of a shot in hell), i'm 50/50 on washington vs. utah. C is willing to move with me to either state. it would be great to move back to washington...especially if i could get a job in seattle, but it also makes a lot of sense to stay here where i have friends and more legal contacts. we'll see...(insert panic button here). what are your thoughts?? does anyone have the golden answer for me?

other than that, life is just dandy. school is amazing this semester (only one class, and i actually LOVE it!). i'm still working at the Attorney General's Office and have started working at a small family law firm downtown as well. so...things are busy, but manageable. 

i hope you lovelies are wonderful as well! 


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  1. love of mine...
    it has been waaaaaaaay too long!! seriously i loved this post so much because i got an update on you:) i love how happy and in love you are these days!! makes me happy:) you've got tough decisions coming your way that's for sure. selfishly, i want to tell you to stay in slc so i can still see you every once in a while....but seattle would be fantastic now wouldn't it?? sometimes we just put it in god's hands:)
    i love you dearly:)
    p.s. i haaave to meet winston!!