Wednesday, April 20, 2011

it's trippy.

it's bitter cold in my house. i'm bundled up in a sweatshirt and under three layers of blankets to try to thaw my toes. how can it be so cold at this time of year? i'm ready for warm nights under a blanket of stars, candle light, good food, clinking wine glasses and giggles with friends.
i'm going to hawaii in less than 3 weeks. did i tell you that, dear readers? i'm ecstatic...haven't looked forward to something so exciting for as long as i can remember. i can't wait to wear my polka dot bikini, cover my feet in sand, and become "brown as a berry" (as my mom would say). it's been good motivation to hit they gym too. once-a-year vacations to sunny destinations should be mandatory.

then, when i get home, i'll have just a short week before i head over to india. india. india. i can't even explain the way i feel about this upcoming trip. it will be my second time there, but my first time in bangalore. i am anxious, and a little homesick already. i don't know how i'm going to survive there-alone. i mean, i've done it before, and i always meet new friends. but for some reason, this trip feels different. or maybe it feels the same, it's just the anxiety tapping at my shoulders. 

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