Monday, November 29, 2010

her lips are cherry stained and she tastes of dry champagne

so, i was totally called out today. this blog truly should be called, exactly what it is: a distraction from studying for finals. why oh why must i be forced to do such mundane studying??? i'm bored! was law school the right decision for me?? i go back and forth about my decision every day it seems. 

i want to create! i want to sip champagne, eat strawberries, and watch old romantic italian films. (check out my favorite champagne and a splendid little italian romance i watched this past week by clicking the links).

and on a completely different (but equally as lovely) note: just borrowed my roommate's lip liner and couldn't be more in love...the perfect shade of cherry by MAC.

 "I have an insatiable hunger for all things beautiful. My work reflects what I see in everyday living and I believe in sharing the love and deliciousness in what is truly magic”. 

sometimes i compile photos of homes that i'm obsessed with. here is my dream home. care to come in for a sip of tea???

i love the french doors out to a small terrace, and the eclectic woodwork inside.

my kitchen will never be plain or ordinary.

my favorite books will line the walls. and a spiral staircase with mauve pillars sound nice too!

requirement: must appear cozy. and must live up to that expectation.

exposed brick walls? don't mind if i do. mood lighting? yes please!

i loved both of these bedrooms so much. i just couldn't choose. although...i think i'll need a bed with a little more fluff than either of these have to offer....

wish me luck getting to school today....yesterday turned my life into a winter white wonderland. the little white flakes of snow blanketed the ground like icing on a cake. it reminded me of a scene from one of my favorite holiday films: white christmas.

standing outside, wondering how long this little photoshoot is going to was chilly!

night time outside my apartment.

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