Sunday, November 28, 2010

castle in the sky

my messy bed a few weeks ago, when i was feeling a bit more productive than i am right now. i love photos of beds. they're all different, and yet, the same.

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros are one of my new favorite bands. my friend and i were in the car listening to this song they have called "home." i couldn't get enough!! have you heard of it? this picture reminds me of the song.

i absolutely love the color template of this cozy room. and i love the natural light pouring in through the big windows. isn't it just to die for?!

i took this photo in baltimore at a visionary art museum. if you ever get a chance to's so inspiring! so many creative little treasures.

i took this photo of this little beauty in kathmandu, nepal. isn't her face just stunning?! i'm starting a non-profit organization called the "global photography initiative" with some friends that were in nepal with me. we're selling our photos to raise money to build a slum community a small school. website will soon be up...look forward to more info soon!

well, this is my second blog, first post. i've been ogling a bunch of delightful blogs and was inspired to start a fresh. my first blog is all about my traveling adventures. check it out! this blog will be dedicated to whimsical little treasures that i find on the internet and other blogs, as well as some of my own photography. i'm no pro-photographer by any means, but i'm beginning to really get into it!

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