Tuesday, April 24, 2012

shop 'til you drop.

hello strangers. things are just dandy these days. the sun is shining. i'm so, so close to graduation (i can just taste the victory!). i recently went to see The Naked and Famous with some dear friends. i saw (and embarrassingly loved The Lucky One...Zack Efron, you sexy man!). i've been exercising and eating right to get ready for bikini season (woof). my puppies are the cutest things. the love of my life is in a habit of giving me amazing back massages and cooking lots of yummy meals. and, i just went on a little shopping spree at tobi.com. gotta love it!!! 

and, my friends are just amazing. right now 5 of my lovelies are engaged and 1 is soon-to-be. i'm so excited for them and it is so much fun to celebrate with them and watch/help them plan their big days. congrats J, J, K, T & R!! 

check out my new purchases (let's hope they look as cute on me as they do on these models!): 


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