Friday, October 7, 2011

it's been a minute or two. ( fourteen).

i know i's been ages since my last post. and, i'm sorry!! but, don't you fret...i've got some real goodies to share with you today. and it is officially my first day of fall break, so i've got lots of time on my hands to dedicate to pure, unadulterated procrastination. hooray! (because, honestly...i have been so busy lately, i haven't even had time to dedicate to my all time favorite thing...procrastination!)

check out these beauties from sass&bide's 2012 collection. drooling yet?

do you have a shoe addiction like me? i think i caught mine from my mother....she seriously has the BEST shoes! check out jenna lyon's closet space featured in vogue uk.

and since i still feel bad about leaving you hanging for so are some really amazing blogs that i've stumbled across lately: 

Willow & Frank
Delight by Design

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