Monday, May 23, 2011

appreciation of art.

hello loves! i've just embarked on a new adventure. one that i am finally excited about. after much anticipation and sadness, i have changed my attitude and i'm officially pumped about being in india. you can follow my journey at my other blog: Kaitlyn's Big Wide World. i just posted photos of where i'm living and my neighborhood.

i think i'll also be keeping up on this blog, but maintaining it's character of style, photography, design, and little bits of my own life here and there. so, without further ado...

just read this post and loved it.

also, have you visited liz chan's blog? i'm in love. here is a beautiful design she has posted:

marian bantjes
okay, i think i'm going to read for a bit before dinner! hope you are all having a great monday!

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